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  • Enrollment Fee / Annual Membership Fee - Free
  • Point - Benefits
  • Restaurant and Shop - Discounts
  • Membership - Levels

Membership levels will be changed according to annual hotel use. (if any of the conditions are satisfied)

Level Requirements
(Eligible for points use)
Regular Bronze Platinum Diamond
Use amount ¥0 -
¥200,000 -
¥500,000 -
or more
No. of stays*1 0 - 3
4 - 13
14 - 23
24 or
more stays
No. of nights 0 - 9
10 - 39 nights 40 - 59 nights 60 or more nights

* if any of the conditions when using the service after 2019
*1: A "stay" is defined as the total number of consecutive nights spent at the same hotel, whether or not a guest checks out and checks back in again.

Member Benefits
Limited to when using products that are eligible for point awards (some exclusions may apply)
Regular Bronze Platinum Diamond
Point Award Rate 5% 6% 8% 10%
Bonus points when moving
up to the next level *1
- 1,000 points 2,000 points 3,000 points
Validity period of points Points awarded from April to March of the following year
are valid from the next April 1 to March 31 two years later
    No expiration *2
Accommodation benefits
(Please request the benefits when making a reservation
or checking in)
- Preferential acceptance of room requests    
- - Free early check-in /
late check-out *3・4
- - - Free upgrade
- - - Free breakfast
during stays *6
Anniversary benefits
(Members who have registered the birthday
or anniversary are eligible)
Double points on birthdays
500 points gift on birthdays and anniversaries *7
Free upgrade during stays on birthdays *3・5・8
(Please request the upgrade when making a reservation or checking in)
  • *1.
    Members who have moved up to the next level by using the hotels from April 1, 2019 are eligible.
  • *2.
    Applies to points awarded for the use of hotels. Other benefit points have separate validity periods.
    In cases of moving from Diamond to a lower level, the validity period applicable to the lower levels will apply from the month of moving down.
  • *3.
    Please note that it may not be possible to provide these benefits due to circumstances on the relevant day. As a general rule,the extension time is 1 hour before and after plan.
  • *4.
    These benefits cannot be combined with Accommodation Plans that include early check-in / late-out benefits.
  • *5.
    These benefits cannot be combined with Accommodation Plans that include upgrade benefits.
  • *6.
    Limited to the use by the member only (one person). If used with an Accommodation Plan that includes breakfast, the charges for the breakfast will not be refunded. Depending on the hotel, there are plans that are not applicable and periods that are not applicable. If the hotel provide a light meal for breakfast, your benefit is not eligible.
  • *7.
    Persons who have applied for subscription to the email newsletter of a hotel of the Royal Park Hotels Group by the 20th day of the month prior to the relevant month are eligible.
  • *8.
    If staying for two or more consecutive nights, eligibility for the free upgrade applies only to accommodation on the date of the birthday.

Some terms of use may apply when changing the above stages or applying benefits.
The above changes to member benefits are as of December 2021, and are subject to change or termination without notice.

Facility List of Points Awarding / Usage

Accommodations : Book a room online from the Royal Park Hotels official website or directly with one of our hotels over the phone or in person.

Discount List of Facilities


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